Slay mama
Source: google.com
A disease; cure undiscovered
A trending madness
Slipping us out of our true version
Forcing us into paralyzing stress
Funny, sad; yet a reality

I pledge to "slaygeria"
My way of life
To be trendy not trashy
Hot not shabby
By hook or by crook

Tola's got the latest Gucci
I'll get mine tomorrow
Yomi bought the Prada, already
I need that too
Even if i have to starve

I'm calling from Ajegunle
But i actually stay on the Island
My father owns the Great wall of China
Yet he can't afford a bag of cement
~*ALAKADA*~ Pretense specialist

Oh, what do i wear
I have a date tonight
Oh, i don't have matching shoes
I've got to attend that party
Even if it means borrowing

To this disease; I've come with a cure
It's right here; In my pen
To snap us back to our senses
Port us from this state of
Nothingness to consciousness

"Fakery"; all it is, is *lying*
Live the life you have
Love the life you live
For whatever is worth lying for
Biko, Live a lie you can afford.


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