The Journey


We told three when we started.
From the bloody shore, so weak and fragile.
We had just arrived, yet another had started;
Our journey had no knowledge of miles.

We grew like petals of crimson flowers
Earthed where the waters quiver and gleam.
But little did we know that flowers wither
Until they discolour or so they seem.

Soon enough we dwarf in number.
Till now we number three in the team.
Our smiles crept silently into whimpers.
When darkness invades, the mighty sun shall dim.

Taye Akin, tall, dark and straight
Left us wandering at the teens cross.
He went alone to investigate
The remains of our grandfather's corpse.

We longed all day for his return,
But with the old man he's been forced to stay.
We blew so hard into our hunting horns.
It beseems, back to us, he has lost his way.

Real tale of woe dwelt in our eyne
For in agony and pain a red rose lay.
Sour turned our juicy Mandarin wine.
For longer years we bowed and prayed.

Each soul, they say has its own date
With the clenched-fisted death none can bargain.
I pray that our paths cross at heaven's gate
Where we shall journey together again.


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