3 Fascinating Things You Need To Know About Common Sense

common sense


I am not a common sense expert. And since there is no measure for it, I don't know if my common sense measure up to the required standard. However, in light of the numerous concepts of the word, I feel the urge to shed light on its underlying meaning. I hope your common sense guides you all the way.

The trite use of the saying "common sense is not common" often makes me believe that the word "common sense" is used out of context (even though that might not be the case). This was what incited my "research" into it. Consequently, I came up with 3 things everyone needs to know about common sense.

1. It is independent of any specialized knowledge or training: Common sense does not come with a PhD, neither does it come with a Masters degree. And no matter how hard I try to justify the two, there is a great difference between smartness and common sense. Being smart might get you behind the wheel, but it is common sense that will prevent you from driving too fast.
There was a time I was struggling to get a box out of a small door. After so many attempts, I still couldn't find a suitable way of getting myself and the box out at the same time. Aware of my trouble, a boy who was very much younger told me, "you get out first, and then lift the box out." Guess what? It worked... And I was a little embarrassed. This boy clearly did not understand the law of inertia, he didn't even know that it was friction that made me hold the box successfully, but... His common sense knocked SCIENCE out of me.

A Letter to my Future Self

2. Common sense is actually common: This seem obvious from the word, but the hackneyed use of the common sense saying has made a lot of people neglect this fact. And contrary to popular belief, everyone has common sense (even if it is just an ounce). Come to think of it, handling sharp objects with care; not driving too fast; locking the doors at night; taking drugs when sick, and so on are matters of common sense. And I do not think anyone is created without these basic instincts, except if one chooses not to apply them. Moreover, common sense is the BASIC level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way; hence, by certain definitions of the word COMMON, common sense is common.

3. Common sense is not common: I am very sure this won't stir up any controversy as almost everyone is well aware of this fact. However, not everyone knows or cares to know why it is uncommon. I have heard people use the saying to spite their opponents, and most of the time it was used out of context (to mean that their opponents have no common sense whatsoever). But that really is not the case. Common sense derives its uncommon nature from the fact that it does not really occur frequently (if you know what I mean).
My verdict: common sense is uncommonly common.

As of now, this is as far as my common sense goes. If you feel like dropping a line, it would be most welcome. Don't forget to subscribe to Akinyemi's Journal.


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