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One Corner

As a matter of fact, I am posting this from a corner; only that I am not shaking vigorously like a person plagued by epilepsy.

Despite the strange dances that have tarried and left the social world, it is not a common spectacle for people, regardless of their social classes, to go mad; or epileptic; or whatever you could make of what you see them doing, just by hearing "ONE CORNER."
Social media rave about this song; YouTube is plagued by countless of its dance videos. I have watched students, soldiers, nurses, bereaved relatives, and even people at functions danced to it (if it is safe to call what they did 'DANCE').

So, I wouldn't be too surprised if senators and members of the House of Representatives board the train too; or @that_halal_guy makes the islamic version of ONE CORNER (If you know what I mean).

The disturbing fact about this song is that it lacks substance. More disturbing is the fact  that the youths are the prime target of this mad trend. And most disturbing is the fact that those charged with the responsibility of shaping these supposed leaders of tomorrow (adults) are also plagued, which begs the question: TO WHOM DO WE TURN TO END THIS TREND?

There is no one left to curtail this trend (except few), which is why I would ban ONE CORNER if I have the ability to do so. Moreover, in a world where we are struggling with epilepsy, and the number of  mad people that are not hospitalized, ONE CORNER should not be given a breeding space.

They say opinions are subjective. Please let me know what you think in the comments section.


  1. baloGun habeeb oluwaseun13 October 2017 at 03:18

    You've said it all bro

  2. Huhm, me just be hearing pple saying one corner, I dunno its one crazy hit like that o. Ihdina siratal mustaqeem

  3. Don't say it like its just a Nigerian or African problem, a lot of stupid songs get released on a daily basis globally and dances too.
    Not every song would bring value, your time spent in this world should have shown you that. Not everything brings value..
    but value and fun are two different things, if I dance to one corner like an epileptic patient, bros let me be happy, that shit lightens up my soul for reasons I can't even explain and no one should apologize for having fun, I mean live a little.. it's not even possible to dance to the song without smiling. But do not judge me by my dance moves because they are not my life moves, do not question my values because I choose to dance to a song, do not mistake my choice of music for my actual life choices.. I can't be rigid, life already plays that part perfectly well. My verdict; live life, be wild, have fun, the best things in life are for free. But then again everyone is open to their own opinion.

    1. One corner plagues Africans Mr Adeyeye; hence, I spoke based on that. Moreover, I haven't come across a dance as wild as one corner. There are 1001 ways of having fun, and I think dancing like an epileptic patient is something else (except if you consider madness fun). And talking about values, one corner is way out of context. For the record,no one can say with certainty that the best things in life are for free. Why? Because the word BEST is relative. Come to think of it sir, even FREEDOM is not free (if you know what I mean).


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