The Beautiful Fragrance of My Father's Breath


Her unmatched beauty the whole world crave.
Ageing sets in and all suitors are gone.
With its petals off, the appealing rose will deing sometimes to look.
The nectar-suckers will take not a look.
And its beautiful fragrance will soar with the wind.
Such is this life; you have to be careful MY SON!

When the murky clouds gather in the sky.
Turning the day into a darkened hue.
And the rain’s anger is manifested in the rattling roofs.
Always be conscious of the unsheltered folks left on the streets.
You are also in need of mercy O MY SON!

Never turn blind eyes to those orphans.
Look at the destitute scattered around.
And those wrinkled faces robbed of a smile.
Hearken to the call of those who can’t be heard.
And be their patch of shade in the scorching sun,
Their oasis in the endless desert,
And a soothing balm that ease their pain.
But be careful not to hurt their wounds.


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