My future spouse

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The first day I met you, my heart skipped a beat.
Love gushed in so hard that I can hardly breathe.

So deep in love, I pray I won't drown.
A drowning man, I will clutch your gown.

Your sparkling eyes light up my path
This journey of love needs another melting heart.

From the track I can't sway ;
Your love leads the way

They say my love for you is NOT ordinary
Of course, I want to settle for the extraordinary

Although I can't have you in my arms now
I can't stop feeling your warmth every dawn

Will you give me your deen
Cos i need not your ring

Will you take me to jannah
Cos true love doesn't end in the canal.

Is there love before marriage?
Yes, but true love starts after marriage.

This avalanche of love kills me softly
Living without you is what I can't fathom.

Message from Tella:

Ibn Qayyim al-jawzi said : “love is a disease and the cure is to marry the one you love."

This is a poem dedicated to all bachelors and spinsters who are chaste and cautious of not falling into Haram love/ relationships. Indeed, forbidden love stories end at marriage while true love stories begin at marriage, and end in Jannah. Please share and comment. May Allah guide us aright.


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