No violence

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I can still hear the sounds of war,
Boisterous; even the birds can't ignore.
The sorrowful tears of kids$women pour
Like ritual from the sky on the shore.

Scores of bodies littered the floor,
Unrecognized like raw gold in its ore.
The aftermath of war is indeed sore,
Only the survivors can tell you more.

War will never determine who's right,
But rather who stands after the fight.
Violence snatches people we hold so tight,
A hollow cry in the middle of the night.

O people of the world! Sing along,
Say no war; Pacifism is the new song.
For with peaceful peace $ not in pieces
Can we put to sword all our differences.

We can live in love and harmony as one
On this planet floating around the sun.
Matters can be settled without guns,
Amicably-that's how it should be done.


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