Ode to The Son of Umayr

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The pens of scholars will forever sway
To the rhythm of your courage and faith.
The footprints that you left have indeed stayed;
Emblazoned on the sands of time and fate.

Your beauty stopped the blinks of twinkling eyes,
And whispered pretty secrets into hearts.
Thy elegance dwelt in the ladies' eyes.
Mus'ab, none can take your place in my heart.

Shrouded by the apparel of the night,
You journeyed, undisturbed by Makkans' threats
To Al-Arqams where you perceived the light-
Where Allah's promise' echo in your breasts.

Echoes of your faith startled her eardrums,
And stripped Khunnas of her motherliness.
To defend hopeless gods then was the norm.
Ibn Umayr, I envy your steadfastness.

Like trees robbed of leaves by autumn's cold blast,
You were bereaved of your status and wealth.
But nothing in this world is meant to last.
Your religion, to you, should not be stealth.

In the harmony of the starry night,
And the brightness of the scorching sun
You strove to guide people to the light.
O envoy of Islam, you are like the sun.

In the battle of Uhud you stood your ground.
With the flag 'f Islam and sword in your hands.
The love you had for Allah had no bound.
You fell that day, but your courage still stands.

PS This poem is based on the story of Mus'ab ibn Umayr as narrated in the book "MEN AND WOMEN AROUND THE MESSENGER."
You may also check HERE for his biography


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