The Spider's Web

Domestic violence
Image credit: Pinterest

A weak house isn't one built with wood,
Rather one whose denizens are abused.
A home full of mutual violence and feud
That leave residents in morose mood.

Akin to a spider's web; A mate has as food
Its partner, after enjoying its nude.
The mother is then eaten up and chewed
In the wake of her bloodbath by her brood.

It sounds totally insane and uncouth
But in an abused home, it's the truth.
A home where disquietude is brewed,
And mates are entities to be used.

Juicy words walking her down the aisle,
Vows upon vows to always see her smile.
To guide her gently through every mile,
But now tasty honey has turned bile.

Her Knight had become a nightmare,
Boxing her up with no mercy to spare.
A gorgeous body is full of bruises and wears
That would bring even a baby to tears.

When you boil with anger and wanna hit her
Turning a Lassie to a sparing partner.
Know that she's a pearl of her father
Would you hit her if she's your mother?



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