Once Upon a Time in Secondary School

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The main content of this post is lacking in  formalized English grammar. And I hate to betray a reader. So, if you are allergic to pidgin English please stop here. I mean right here. 

You be wan confam Naija person. Abeg chop knuckles with your screen make all your phone contacts dey hear for dem cribs. Make una no dey amazed say na pidgin air I breathe this afternoon. No be my fault ooo. Amebo just dey mai bodi this weekend. And as I dey see am, na every weekend the thing go dey come.

Na jeje I sidon for inside bus ooo. Na so sontin wey don happen tey tey  for mai secondary school run come mai head. And I just reason am say make I share am with una.

I don talk am for mai mind say I no go mention person name for here o because I no wan make una know say na Dami and Akinsola be boss and actor for my tori.

Wan time like dat when we still dey secondary school, two of mai classmates get kanta and dey don mean demsefs bad bad. Infact, no be wan kind play play tin o. I for yarn una how the kanta take happen but my brain no gree remember.

Na so we dey waka go house wan day o, na hin dem start to dey abuse densefs. Me I jus jejely stay for wan corner dey count scores for mai mind. Abi wetin I fit do? Before we talk go come, na hin I don see school bags for grand. Papaapaa fight don start.

Na seresere I first call am until I dey see two pipu wey dey do skills. Ah! Before I talk say make I jump for their middle, na hin wan wey be southpaw carry blow give the oda wan. Ewo! Make we cut long story short, na hin Dami dey do lost but found for grand o. I no fit laugh.  Dat day I conclude say southpaw punch dey affect fat pesin in ways una no fit imagine o.

The next tin wey I dey hear do me wan kind. Dami dey ask for one minute extra make hin take revenge. Haba!  Wen e no be football match.

Make I tell you fact. If to say ministry of happiness and couples fulfilment dey dat  time, I go recommend am give Dami o. He deserve am true true. Na who sabi? Governor Rochas Okorocha fit erect statue give Akinsola for hin feat o.

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