A Letter To My Teacher

Dear Teacher,

I wish to extend special greetings from a student, son and less-experienced colleague to you. I extend same to everyone who has added at least a drop of water to the tree of knowledge blooming inside of me. I pray Almighty God give you the best of whatever good you ask for.

I must confess that your worth nudged me into scribbling this down. And I am pained that I cannot find better words to express myself. I am more saddened that I was considerably blind to your worth when I was learning under you, and that I will probably not recover wholly from the blindness that has plagued me thus far.

I know you must be wondering which point I am driving at, and probably, why it took me this long to steer the wheels. But teacher, I beg your indulgence; for I have just been introduced to the accelerator, the clutch and the brakes.

I finished university some months back, and before I depart to serve Nigeria too, I decided to tread the same path you did by applying for a teaching job. I think you might find it strange, or normal, or a mixture of both to know that all I saw at first was an escape from boredom, an opportunity to make some money, and… maybe a way of keeping my brain active intellectually. But Teacher I saw wrong; there is more to it than I ever can tell… AND NOW I KNOW!

I know that you did not feel like teaching sometimes, and I understand the burden of doing so despite how fagged you felt. I know the mixture of joy and pain that disturbed the peace of your mind every time you teach, and I understand your fears that we might not do so well after all your efforts. I know that you never enjoyed beating me, and I understand that I deserved more than just a few strokes of cane. Most especially Teacher, I know that you know more of your compromises than I ever will, and I understand that I will never understand the choices you had to make because you did a careful job of keeping them away from me. For all these Teacher, and more, words alone cannot quantify my gratitude.

Now that I have an inkling what teaching was like for you, I apologize from the deepest part of my heart for the physical and emotional pain I have caused you, for the times when my mouth was faster than my brain, for the ill comments you got because of my ineptitude, and for the things you remember that I don’t. 

Lastly Teacher, I beseech that you take me by my hand and lead me through this path… because I do not think I will be able to figure out on my own how you managed not to give up on me despite the trouble you went through.

Thank you for your time and patience in reading this letter. And I pray that your path be illuminated by divine light.

Your Student,
Akinyemi AbdulMalik Olumide.

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