Poem: Pictures!!!

Pictures are printed spells,
Sorcery that could conjure lost feelings
From the hidden labyrinth of twisted memories-
The awe of Cupid’s beauty, his mastery of archery
And the sting that stings
When he pulls out his arrow from bleeding hearts;
The serene breeze of friendship
That permeates our souls and swirls
In the midst of friends;
The heat that causes our eyes to sweat
When our souls become cloaked in Life onion’s numerous cloaks;
The feelings of what once were
And what once were not.
Pictures swing us back and forth through time
Like a pendulum bob at the mercy of a string
Only to snap and leave us lost again
In the hidden labyrinth of twisted memories.

Before you leave this page I have a confession to make... I AM NOT A POET!


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