My 6 Most Popular Blog Posts In 2018


If you are reading this, then I believe you have stuck around Akinyemi’s Journal long enough to notice that it has a new look. I have been dusting e-cobwebs all week, replacing old pictures with new ones, sweeping e-dirts and mopping. In fact, I have almost become a butterfly as a result of painting and repainting the blog. Normally, I am not this hardworking, but I wouldn’t want my visitors to think I have a low perception of this festive period. By the way, compliments of the season.

While I was at all these, I took some time to see how well of a blogger I have been in the past few months and the result wasn’t bad. For a year old blogger, I think I have done well with virtually all my blog posts; so, it is only natural for me to do a roundup of my most popular ones.


Before You Download ‘One Corner’: The truth about this post is that I knew it was going to do well even before I posted it. The ‘One Corner’ song by Patapaa, at the time, was on the lips of everyone, and from what I could tell, it would be abnormal to not think twice before scrolling past that title. I was right. Soon, 20 viewers became 100; 100 became 300; 300 became 500… Even now, I’m sure you want to check it out. Here is THE LINK.

Are You a Student, Or Just Pretending To Be One? : It wasn’t all surprising when the number of viewers for this post rose as though I added yeast. The post was totally worth it, and Yes! I added yeast.  The yeast was the post title that sparked the curiosity in my readers. Click HERE to see for yourself.

Beware! Don’t Let the Silent Killer Take the Man Sitting next To You: This is a guest post and there is only one way to find out why it’s on this list. HERE!

A Letter To My Future Self: Read this letter and... Just read it HERE.

Think! Don’t Let Bill Gates And Others Decide For You: This post really got people talking about my blog for a while. READ

What Being on a Beach Really Feels Like: This is a memoir (the first I posted on my weblog). And… Just check it out HERE

There’s more, really. But this is where I’ll stop. Please let me know in the comment section which of these posts is your favourite. Help me grow by subscribing to my blog (Scroll down and you’ll find a space to enter your email address). Thank you.


  1. Tough tough choice. There are a lot of articles I like here, but the one that really struck me hard was 'THINK! Don't let Bill Gates and others decide for you'. I've read it a zillion times and you can't imagine how much it changed me since I read it.

    I like Abraham Lincoln's letter to his son's teacher too, and what being on the beach really feels (because I was there too)

    1. I suspected you liked it. Lol. Being with you guys on the beach was cool cool. I could not shake the ensuinv feeling for months.

  2. Oh! How can I forget 'a letter to my teacher?' 😁


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