6 Things You Need to Know About Okene

Late last year, providence took me to a town in the Northern part of Nigeria. In this town, mornings are announced by roosters that speak in the strange dialect of quaky motorcycles− their mother tongue not quite forgotten. At nights, the moans of sleepy trucks and tankers lull weary folks to sleep; and on rainy days − if you are so lucky − lawless toads turn your lullaby into opera.

Having spent a strange year in this strange city as a stranger, I have come to realize certain things about this place, things that are completely different from my preconceived notions, things I think I should let you know. Naturally, I am not a blabbermouth, but the blogger in me won’t let me keep quiet this time. GOD FORBID!!! 

But before I fill your head with these thoughts that are brewing uncontrollably in my mind, this place that I write about is called OKENE and it is inhabited by a different species of Nigerians called EBIRAs.


  • Every Ebira man has a scooter

While you may strain your eyes to catch a sight of a fancy car in Okene, it is not too difficult to spot a scooter with your eyes closed. This is so because okada is a community heirloom around here, and it fits well in the hands of males… and females; so don’t be surprised if you see a mother of four on a bike, navigating her way through traffic. What I am trying to say is that, just as “garri” is the selling point of Ijebu land, okada is the trademark of Ebira land.

  • Okene is an asylum
To be honest with you, Okene is not just known for scooters; it is also known for the number of mentally disabled people it harbors. The Ebira people might argue that most of these people are non-indigenes, but nothing can change the fact that Okene is the capital city/ headquarters of mad people in Nigeria. They run mad around here with style. I remember that there was a particular mad woman who drank Coke all the time.  

  • Okene girls are beauty-fool 
I must confess that the Ebira girls are some of the finest specimens of females Nigeria can produce. Their beauties are like stars, ethereal and filled with promises of good nights. But promises are sometimes broken, and nights could become awry, even under the watches of Procyon and Sirius. Simply put, Ebira girls are sluttish... and that’s what makes them beauty-fool. 

  •   The people of Okene have the inclination to be aggressive
Truly, the history of Ebira land sings the gory songs of violence, but their present disposition is rather calm. CALM? Yes, but you can still sense some of the aggressiveness of their forefathers in them, especially in their mode of speaking; it is almost as if they are at war with their listeners. Heads up: If you ever hear an Ebira man say the word “MIKAYE” just run for your life, because at this point, he is ready to talk your ears off. 

  • The people of Okene respect strangers
No matter how aggressive they can become, the Ebira people will never hurt strangers. It is like their special code of conduct and I really love that about them.

  • The predominant sect in Okene is the Tijaniyyah sect
That Okene is filled with Muslims should not be considered news; everybody knows that. But not everyone knows that the Tijaniyyah sect ranks highest among other Muslim sects in the town. I have been to some of their houses and I have interacted with a considerable number of them. The name “Ibrahim Niyas” is spit on their tongues and his picture is paint to the walls of their houses.

…And this is the end of my story. If you have more to share, please do that in the comments section below. The Ebira people are also allowed to comment in their defense. Against all odds, Okene is not such a bad place. In fact, I don’t mind spending another year in this strange land. Who knows, maybe I will get my ancestral scooter, too and get the “MIKAYE” dialect right someday. Thank you for your time.


  1. Exactly, that's so true. Nice one sir

  2. Actually, we okene people spend 2minute with u guy forget we will know a lot of 🇺r 🇹ackties

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    2. You might as well enlighten us.


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