Letter To a Muslim Brother

My brother in Islam,

I give praise to Allah for there is no god but him. May His peace and blessings be upon Muhammad (who was sent as a Mercy and a Warner to all of humanity), his family, companions and all those who hold fast to the Shari’a, until the Day of Judgment.

Dearest brother, as you go for your I.T. you are going into a new system. You will have to dwell among people with whom you are not familiar and deal with characters you are not accustomed to. In you, they should see an example of a Muslim. In you is a precious religion (Al-Islam), so hold fast to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Rosulullah.

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My dearest brother, we are in the 21st century. Don’t let secularist civilization change the inborn goodness in you. Civilization should not modify the character of Muslim in you. Keep watch of what you see, what you eat, what you hear and what you do. For if you keep watch of what Allah has prohibited and hasten to do what he has commanded, Allah will take you as his Waliy (friend) and keep watch of you when you even expect not.

This life is transient and our time is not for so long. Yesterday has gone with its good and evil, today is all you have (this you must put in mind) and tomorrow is yet to come. Leave tomorrow with its good and evil, happiness and sadness, grief and anxiety. Focus on today and tomorrow will be better.

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My dearest brother, it is necessary for you to set up the following and execute them daily:

  • A time for the remembrance of Allah
  • A time to attend study of knowledge of Deen
  • A time for discharge of worship perfectly, and for supererogatory acts (Nawaafil)
  • A time to learn and teach Qur’an
  • A time to follow up on your academics attainments in your area of specialization and perfect it.

And for you to improve yourself before your arrival from I.T. you need:

  •  Reading and enabling it means
  • Camps to assist yourself in imbibing the Islam characters
  • Lectures and seminar to widen your scope
  • Ideology setting
  • Righteous companion

Also, take into cognizance the time for:
  • Each compulsory prayer

  • Tahajud
  • Solatul Duha
  • Solatul Taoba
  • Morning and evening Adhkar (Al-Mathurat)
  • Hifzu,
  • Murojaha and
  • Tilawatul-Qur’an

There is still more for me to say but I think if I continue you may forget some of it. Just know that the six month you are having, you can either use it to get closer to Allah or distant yourself from Him.

I entrust to Allah your religion, your obligations and the outcome of your actions. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. Amin.

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P.s.  This was composed by Tella AbdulWaheed.

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