Do You Know Why You Think You Are Special?

Just imagine that you wake up, a cute little bird, and you step out and stretch out your wings to greet a more beautiful morning only to find out that you are just another BLU waiting to be shipped off to the black markets of RIO.

This is the feeling you get when you eat Shawarma for the first time and it ended tasting like paki.

Before today, I had trained my mind to harbour the most beautiful images of Shawarma – Blonde, busty, curvaceous with twerk-y backside, soft, like velvet, like the palms of a newborn. This is the mental representation I was given by people who would not stop singing praises of the poor snack. And if I had known, I would have reveled evermore in this delicacy. But curiosity got the better of me this December and I tasted my dear Shawarma. Alas! It didn’t live up to the hype.

It is the time of the year when people write personal reviews of what the year has been like. Mostly, this takes the course of achievements.  But rather than ask myself what I have achieved, I’d like to consider what I have learned. And as I was pondering this question over the past few hours, my mind turned to SHAWARMA (even though I have learned a whole lot of other things this year).

After shawarma lost all of its allurements before my eyes, I have come to realize that, just like the snack, NOBODY IN THIS LIFE IS SPECIAL ... AS A SINGLE ENTITY.

But before you accuse me of being too subjective, take a moment to consider the images below.

You see, we all are like the mud water you just scrolled past.

Ordinarily, mud water is filth - you can tell by the reaction of the man in the GIF. But judging by the way the little boy in the first picture carefully preserves it, the longing in his eyes; and the way the other boy worships it, one might want to reflect on that "filth" opinion.

Simply put, the quality of that mud water depends on the point of view from which the assessment is coming: the boys'... Or the man's. And this perfectly accentuate how you view every other person and how every other person views you. 

Take Olamide of YBNL for example. If he were to appear on a busy street, and everyone goes about their daily activities without batting an eyelid, do you still think he'll call himself badoo

Or do you think a girl will consider herself pretty if every guy just walks past her without sneaking a look?

Now you can see that even a mad man feels special when kids trot behind him, clapping and singing. Or why else do you think he happily displays his exquisite art of dancing?

For What it’s Worth...

We all are blessed with people who make us feel special, people who make us feel as though there are no better persons elsewhere. Girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, these people are meant to be appreciated in return. They are meant to be treated specially, too – they deserve it. For if they begin to view you in a different light, you may just wake up one day, like BLU, and realize how useless those wings you have grown over time have become.

Thank you for reading, my special friend. If you’d like to share a thing or two about what you have learned this year, it’d be most appreciated.


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