Just like the house that humans live in, the entire planet has been put to a very long use that it has become due for renovation. Permit me to quickly remind you that the earth is a masterpiece of the creator, one should not imagine that it has a fault. Its perfection in form and shape has no march. However, the question is why do we have to renovate what cannot or has not deformed? In the nutshell, the world has not at a point been dilapidated but the truth is that the world dwellers have rigorously been washed-out of place. Revamping the human mind became a necessity, when the human race have decided to be adamant to the principal essence of humanity.

The narrative has far gone beyond reeling off figures of confirmed cases of the pandemic and the death toll of COVID-19. It is no longer a news that the whole world has taken its share of the pandemic lashes over the months. COVID-19 has wreaked far-reaching havoc on the planet that no remedies have been found except stopping its spread. One can submit meaningfully that the battle with this outbreak goes beyond continents, races or ethnic groups. It is therefore needless to trace the source; the focus is rather on the lessons learnt by the entire world on the search of safety against the outbreak.

Let us begin with the hegemonic nature of the continents of the world. Many people believe that they are superior humans. They have in many instances placed themselves above others. In fact, they want to be reckoned with as the world powers. Their assertion is owing to their influences in world finances, governance and innovations. The struggle for the leadership seat in this space has almost resulted in a war. The outbreak of the Wuhan pandemic is a lesson that humanity needs to be serviced by all. It has reinforced the fact that service to humanity is a division of labor. It is a contributory effort and no set of people can autonomously wear the jacket of 'we have it all'. The fresh strokes of this punishment were unleashed on the so called world powers. It is a deliberate attempt at their mindsets. Everyone is now busy with the battle of finding a cure and curtailing the spread of the disease, among other things.

The lessons for the black race are very much over-weight. Nigeria, most especially, must have learnt that everything is not used to play political game; that useful energies should not be channeled into unproductive issues.  Look at how long we dragged the issue of the president's certification, even after it  has been solved by a clause in the constitution. Imagine the efforts we put into labeling our president as an impostor, and other inconsequential things like that. Similarly, the people who are saddled with the seats of authority chose to turn blind eyes to the  safety of Nigerians when the COVID-19 first surfaced. Instead of shutting down our airports and borders, they waited until cases were reported which finally necessitated the partial and total lockdown in some states of the federation. Simply put, negligence, selfishness, greed, and nonchalant attitude are the clogs in the wheel of our governance. Because their sons, daughters and girlfriends are outside the country, and the panic that they were in the part of the world where the disease was still dishing out its strokes caused them to toy with the lives of the vulnerable common people.

As if we have not had enough, the abysmal and poxy state of our hospitals was largely uncovered by the outbreak. If other things are not going to be taken care of, it should not be the health and the education of the people at the instance of a purposeful governance. We saw clearly why wealthy Nigerians jet out of the country for the purpose of their healthy living. Presidents and their vices, state governors and their deputies, chairmen and their vices, councillors and their supervisors do not use government owned hospitals and schools in their own country. What a shame! This critical period is a call to responsiveness for both the leaders and the followers. Funny Nigerians were very much aware of the situation of our health sector. But instead of demanding the shutdown of our land and air borders so that the disease will not get down on us, we were clamouring for the president's speech. Of what use is the presidential speech now that people have contracted the disease and it has spread over time among us? Whose safety would come first if we were to fight for the limited bed spaces in isolation centres?

Furthermore, nature has taught the lessons of simple courtesy and elementary commonsensical habits by force. People have now learnt that it is not sensible to go out while one is ill. Unfortunately, distance maintaining among the people talking to one another is now driven into every head by the screwdriver of the deadly COVID-19. Coughing and sneezing into one's palm is now forbidden and a resort to a bent elbow has been made. Indeed, hand washing is now taken as important as the eating of food for survival. All these are the lessons of the reality of the moment to the entire planet.

Before I forget, the Saudis who do not believe in playing politics with every issue have suffered their two weeks shutdown and they are back now. Africans must be aware that we are not inferior to any other race of human. That we all want to travel abroad is a shame on us. Is it because we cannot do what attracted us in our countries or because we lack the will to do them? Without much ado, we are our own problems, and nothing will change until we change our mindsets for the better.


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