Elastic Limit 2 (by Aisha Oredola)

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Hadiza explained that she was in love with a man named Najib, back in Abuja and they planned to get married soon. Apart from it being necessary for him to marry her as a virgin, she loved chastity, she said. "I love Najib and he's waiting for me." She didn't know whether it was right that she said that to Olivia but she wanted to strengthen her somehow. Olivia nodded and wiped her face for the umpteenth time. "If he loves me, he'll wait. Else, good riddance." She smiled for once in hours. Arewa stepped in, shocked to see Hadiza and Olivia talking. The scene irked her so much that she walked straight out, anger evident in her gait.

"She must still be mad at me." Olivia said.

"Well, you did slap her hard that day." Hadiza winked.

For some reason Olivia laughed exuberantly. She thought she had reached her elastic limit and wanted to die, but this Hausa girl, with light in her eyes had shown her everything else...everything she forgot.


Temidara was no ordinary girl. She was full of evil and knew it. Her mother initiated her into a witch cult since childhood and anyone, anything who got in her way knew doom. The day she moved into room 318, with one box only, she saw Olivia as no threat. Nevertheless, Olivia was already cursed and luckily, the girl hadn't crossed her path.

The atrocities Temidara had committed were endless. She
sent her primary five class teacher to an early grave when she beat her for not doing her homework. In Senior Secondary School Two, she snatched her best friend's boyfriend, because she felt like it. Temidara also was behind her father's unexplainable car crash, which led to his death. She had caught him having sex with his ugly skinny secretary. She was merciless but for some reason, Olivia wasn't her focus. It was Hadiza.

Hadiza dressed like royalty, and lived such a perfect life. She was a show off and Temidara had to teach her a valuable lesson. How dare she be loved by all? Her existence choked Temidara. She had to pay.

Olivia had loosened up, so the room knew less drama. Even Arewa was cool with Olivia now although they all teased her for her OCD and called her the perfect lady. One day, the girls were talking about love and Olivia didn't mean it but announced that Hadiza was a virgin.

"She's not like girls who pretend. If she's white on the outside, that's her colour on the inside."

"Parables! What do you mean?" Yvonne had rolled her eyes.

"Hadiza is a virgin...so am I."

Yvonne finally had the confidence to confess she was a virgin too but the others laughed hard, especially, Arewa who said she wasn't and it was stupid to be one in the 21st century. "You girls are missing some real fun."

Temidara despised Hadiza's every breath. On Fridays, at 5 a.m. when she arrived from the club, she saw Hadiza with her mat, praying, close to the room. Once, she had walked across the laid mat, faking drunkenness, to pick on her but Hadiza just started all over again.

"Freaking perfect bitch." She mumbled. "I'll show her."

She invited Hadiza to the club one night but politely, Hadiza declined. Temidara blinked fetishly and Hadiza was under her spell. She eagerly picked up the dress Temidara bought her and changed into it. Some girls were asleep, except Tolu and those who loved clubbing on Friday nights too. Olivia was in the hostel library, studying for upcoming exams but had to pick something in the room when she saw Hadiza dressed in a short, black shimmering dress and five inches high heels. Her natural hair, exposed and styled in a full, hypnotizing afro and her face beat with heavy make up.

"What in the-" She almost didn't recognize her. "Hadiza, where are you going dressed like that?"

Hadiza's eyes were blank, her face was impassive. "A little fun hurt nobody."

Olivia tried to knock reason into her head. Her father was a Senator and any scandal could ruin her family name but Hadiza paid no heed. "Bug off." Olivia was hurt and left her alone.

The following day, it was all over social media that Senator Sulaiman's daughter, Hadiza made a mess of herself in Escape Club, Victoria Island, Lagos. She was seen drinking obsessively before puking all over the place. Afterwards, a sex tape was released and went viral.

"Bye virgin." Temidara smacked her lips and shared the link to as many WhatsApp groups as she could. The men she paid to sleep with her did their jobs well and Hadiza, was not only with one man, but two that night. Everyone who watched it or merely heard about it was disappointed and disgusted.

Hadiza was sleeping from her crazy hangover, oblivious that her sex tape was trending on twitter. #HadizaTheSlut #SenatorsHoeishDaughter #HoeDiza #ThreesomeHadiza and on Instagram, and YouTube. It was the worst thing that could ever happen.

Temidara was satisfied. Many people fear not the power of the unseen but it is there. Whoever crossed her path, knowingly and unknowingly would pay the price.

"Oh My!" Olivia cried out unable to hold herself. She splashed water on Hadiza and shook her till she awakened. "Hadiza...this is horrible!" Her phone screen displayed the sex tape but Hadiza was confused.

"What's this?" She yawned.

The yawn reminded Temidara, who was pretending to be asleep, of that same proud yawn she gave before she said hi, when she moved in.

Before Hadiza could understand, her phone was ringing. It was Najib. "Najib darling, I-"

"How could you?" He said. "So this is what you're doing in Lagos, sleeping around? You don't have the fear of Allah! Nor do you care about your family's reputation. Our engagement is off!"

Hadiza was perplexed. Olivia scrolled up to a certain caption and gave her the phone. Hadiza was still confused until Olivia spelt it out. A throbbing pain submerged out of the blues and she pressed her temples before shrieking into the atmosphere. Her life was over. Temidara smiled wickedly, under her duvet.

Hadiza didn't know whether to fly to Abuja or stay in school. Either way, she was doomed. Everyone knew. It didn't help that she was popular in her department or hostel. Olivia tried to help in several ways. It was one rocky time and she was there for her.

"I don't know what to say to change anything but you're a good person."

"I can't explain myself." She cried hard. How could the world stretch her so hard, didn't it know she had an elastic limit? She had stopped picking calls, eating, drinking. Olivia was worried to death. "You've to at least drink water..."

Hadiza flung herself to the floor and rolled maniacally. Other girls in the room tried to comfort her, especially Temidara who was incredulous in her acting skills.

After two weeks of horror, the news didn't die down. Farida had flown to Lagos to rescue her daughter. It took her a while to make up her mind for she was disappointed and ashamed, but a mother's love knew no bounds and she had to blame it on Satan. In fact, Farida resorted to concluding that a Jinn possessed her daughter that night.

The hostel warden announced on the megaphone, that Hadiza's mother was around. Every girl present murmured and the ones on the third floor came out of their rooms to watch Hadiza leave.

 "I'm Hadiza's friend ma. I'm sorry but Hadiza won't come down." Olivia said, after going down to see Mrs. Sulaiman.
Farida rolled her eyes and climbed the stairs alongside Olivia. They entered the room and saw Hadiza, curled up in a ball.

"Let's go home. Enough of this." She sat on her bed.

She didn't move. Her roommates helped Farida try to convince Hadiza. It kissed the dust.

Farida sighed. "If you don't follow me, I'll call security to come force you. You know me!"

Reluctantly, Hadiza sat aright and collapsed on her mother's laps. She cried terribly. "I'm so sorry. I swear by Allah I don't know what came over me."

"It's okay. I believe you. Your father is very mad but he will be fine. We'll find a way. Let's go home."

The school management announced her expulsion soon after she left, for staining their reputation.

Olivia later worked her law school study to Abuja to make sure she saw Hadiza but Hadiza had been flown out of the continent, for her mental health.

Olivia's house was in turmoil. She spotted a piece that had broken from the flower vase and picked it up. Olivia stabbed her cheek frantically to deal with the pain.

After Chidozie broke up with her, she shut the doors to her heart, focused on her career and became one of the most promising lawyers in the country. Her mother was very proud.

Unfortunately, she fell in love. It was magical. Olivia gave him everything, and eventually, her body. It was unlike her but she did it. It was that email that started the chaos.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Jan 28 2019

Hi Olivia.
I'll always love you in ways I can't explain, my perfect woman.
Love, Chris.

The attachment - a cute wedding invitation, confirmed her worries. She had never felt so betrayed. All the times he lied to her, took her money and used her...mind, body and soul. It was time for the inevitable to happen.  Perhaps she underestimated the power the mind had to break elastic limits, stretch further, stronger. She walked briskly to the kitchen, took a knife from a wide tray carrying onions, held the end with both hands, closed her eyes and raised it. The deafness came that moment, her phone's loud ringtone filled the air. Olivia angrily snatched the phone she hadn’t noticed hours before, from the kitchen table and saw no name but an international number.


"Hi I'm Hadiza Sulaiman. Am I on to Olivia? Olivia Judith Okafor? Please say yes."

Olivia dropped the knife as her mind got stung with everything...everything.

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Aisha Oredola blogs at aishaoredeola.wordpress.com and as I have send in the previous part, you don't want to miss out on her stories...AND I MEAN IT.


  1. Ah! You almost broke my heart Dols. Hadiza learned about Genjutsu the hard way.
    Thank you for this beauty. It's worth the wait.

  2. The ending though. Nice. Leave it to our imagination 😏

  3. Thank you for this beauty.


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