Take Heed! You Only Have a Single Shot

He is covered in his own blood. His heart shudders in his chest, which is now moving like a sine graph. It doesn't yearn for blood, no, it's had enough of that already. Fear! Fear! That's what it feels, the grip of a cold hand tightening around it. He is staring right at death, looking deep inside its sinister eyes - he's sure of it.

It is said that your whole life flashes right in front of you before you breathe your last. It isn't a mere talk anymore; it is reality. He knows this now, more than anything he's ever known. The doctors couldn't help him - that's obvious enough. They have tried their best in the past few hours already, but nothing seems to work.

Tears drop, one after another, from his hollow eyes. Amanda put him in this condition, this mess. She definitely did. But he wouldn't think about his miserable girlfriend with his dying breath. It is useless. Instead, he would think about Juliet, his legal wife, and their two kids, who he's sure are still hoping he'd return to them. One day.

Regret! Regret is a terrible death fellow. He'd never before had such a great wish to turn back the clock. The evidence was there, in his memories. He knew the very devil resided inside him. No, he was the devil himself.

"I swear there's nothing between us. Frank and I are just friends, nothing more." Juliet's words echoes in his heart. It echoes in that deep, deep part of his heart where guilt is felt the most. And through someone else's eyes, he could see himself curling his fingers into a fist, a deadly weapon he's specially strengthened in the gym for torture.

More tears roll down his cheeks as his chest undulates on the hospital bed. Doctors and nurses are over him now, but he couldn't see them. All he could see is his bulging eyes, the tightened corners of his mouth, and the look on Juliet's face ... That horrific look that suggests she knew how it was going to end. A broken bone at least.

"Don't do it in front of the kids," she said with tears and desperation in her eyes. "Please Josh, I beg you in God's name."
But "come here woman!" He growled, ignoring her plea. The cold hand of death grips him tighter as he sees his own eyes light with pleasure. He didn't care about his crying kids, his twin girls, Daisy and Lilian. He never did. They were bastards as far as he was concerned, albino kids born of dark parents. No! They could never be his; he has no albino in his family. They must be from Frank, her stupid ex.

His eyes glinted as he pummeled her. He was good at it. He knew and took pride in it. But not anymore. If only God could give him another chance. Just one more chance!

But his vision is failing. He could no longer see himself inflicting pain on his helpless wife. That was just the least of his doings, anyway. He was a lot worse, maybe worse than the devil himself.

A victim of accident, now he misses his wife. The woman who stood by him against all odds. The one who nursed wounds in his house instead of kids. Now, he wonders why she never left, why she didn't try to save herself at least. She was raised in an orphanage; she had no one else, but she could have left and started all over again. She could have.

Her love was pure. She never cheated on him, he knew. That act was committed by him. ONLY HIM. But he was the man, the lord who dictates who gets what. So much of that lord now. He wished there was someone who called him to order, someone like a father. Yes, he had one. But he treated the poor man with contempt right until he died. He punished him his whole life for not been a good father. Even when he was diagnosed of stroke, he didn't give him proper care. Now, in his own dying breath, he realised that his father had tried with what he had. Now, his dying words come to his mind, verbatim. It's so strange how well the brain works in its last moments.

"Listen my son. I know I was tough on you. I am deeply sorry for that. But I thought I was preparing you for what's to come. Please understand that the world was different during my time, so it was normal for my methods to incite hatred in you. Regardless, forgive me my son. You are about to find out what it takes, how the world is, how it works, and how it changes when you are a parent. Please be a better man."

Wasted words, all of it.

Joshua Erasmus knew he has failed as a father, as a husband. Now, he wonders who'd listen to his own parting words - his albino twins, or the death staring right in his face. But it was too late to decide. The ECG beeps continuously and his blood-smeared hands drop. He had one shot at life...and that was it.

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  1. A master piece in 4 minutes.

    1. I am glad you liked it. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. thank you.


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