Dear Big Brother, What is Your Angle?


As far as controversy goes, Big Brother Naija has breasted much hostile criticism. Let's thank God for such huge breasts. And let's not forget Abeg and Patricia and others who provide the workout equipment. It is not easy to part with 90 million naira.

Parental guidance aside, even adults get to see an unclad Angel, an unchaste Maria, an unholy Paul, and so on. It's an endless Saga. You just can't escape it. But I'm not here to add to the controversy. I definitely won't play the blame game, because you're a sane adult. I'm here to rant. Nothing more.


Winning doesn't just happen in life. Success is a culmination of small efforts. A game requires  a strategy, so it is only natural that you have one as a player. It's called common sense. 

But I will definitely have a hard time explaining this to a particular ex-military man who believes strategy is a gun without a trigger. How exactly are wars won? Well, we could cut him some slack, because he has never been involved in a battle. That's the more reason why theory alone is bad for our educational system. We need practicals.


Now that everyone is throwing the "fake" word around, I often wonder who is real and who is not. No matter how original you are, there is a certain level of consciousness you maintain when you know people are watching you. It is up to you to define the level to which you're willing to soar in your dynamic. No one has the right to blame the other. Moreover, in a situation where you get to select people for possible eviction, you should not be bitter about getting selected. It's Karma! End of story.


A blue ball is blue because it reflects blue and absorbs other colours. This blue ball, when viewed under a red light, gives a colour that is almost black. This does not mean that the ball is fake or has stopped being a ball. No, the ball just understands what adaptation really means. In a similar vein, you don't expect people to act the same way every time. Just because I get angry easily does not mean I should go all out and get mad at every little thing. The fact that I practise restraint on certain occasions does not necessarily imply pretense. What if I'm starting to get a little bit of control over my character? And it might also mean that I'm pretending. It goes both ways. Just don't be too quick to judge. Moreover, why should you bother so much about someone else's character flaws when you have a whole lot of growing to do yourself?


We all know the ex-military man is a confused one, but making him visit the whitehouse without meeting Joe Biden is unfair. For what it's worth, a suicidal and mentally disturbed nudist isn't worth it. 

For the sake of argument, let's assume you're trying to ensure a certain nudist's mental health, do you want someone who hasn't experienced the brutalities of war to suffer from PTSD? Now, I'm starting to question a lot of things. What really is your angle, Big Brother? And why do you have to announce your name because of hot water? Why do you have to lock three or four sane individuals in a house that's crowded with mad people? Are you running a asylum? What? What exactly is your angle, Big Brother?


  1. Hmmm... What truly is his angle?

  2. Love the fact that you used it to expatiates more on real life issues.


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