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Flash fiction: Celine

Celine Dion
Source: twitter.com

My pace was reducing and a cramp was forming at the side of my stomach as I ventured into the last lap of my early-morning jog. But the soothing voice of Celine Dion coming from the headset connected via Bluetooth to my phone didn't make it matter much.

A few minutes into the act, I trod on something that almost knocked me down. I looked back to see what it was, but what I found was unexpected. A lady was lying unconscious in the bush beside the road with her legs protruding on the walkway.

I yelled for help as I knelt beside her and tried all I had watched in movies about reviving an unconscious person. Nothing worked.

She won't make it in time, I thought as I rose and yelled again. Just then, I saw a man running towards us.

He didn't look like a doctor, but he helped resuscitating the lady, and in no time she was recuperating.
"She needs to see a doctor. I'll take her from here, " he said, "my car is just over there."
She leaned on me for support as I walked her to his car where she hugged and thanked me before zooming off with him.

The thought of saving a life... or perhaps co-saving a life left a smug look on my face. The cramp had lost its grip, and I was set to go; but something was missing. It was Celine Dion.

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