Letter to my future self (1)

Dear future me,

It's been long since I left, and I really don't know whether a "Hi" or a "Good day" is less familiar enough to atone for my absence;  or maybe we should just drop the formality HERE AND NOW! and "chop knuckles." However it goes, I want you to know that the bond we share cannot be severed; our fates have been entwined since the dawn of time.

You are a smarter, older and wiser version of me, I suppose. Even so, it wouldn't hurt to pay attention to my rants. Now, the power to shape you is mine to harness, and I will try my best to carve a fine image of you. But I, honestly, don't know how skillful and strong I am or can be. So, regardless of my failure or success, never have a low perception of these words because you have another future "US" to carve, and you don't want to make the same mistakes I will make.

There are goals I would like to achieve in life, and I am sure you know better. Also as you read this, I know that you are well informed of the path that is hidden to me now, and the distance that I'll have to tread towards my dreams till you get this message.

If it happened that I became so weary that I could not go further, please don't let the embers of my dreams vanish. Don't give in like I did, and complete this journey that I have started. 

But if you think I have come a long way already, I'd advise that you clear that smug look off your face, and brace up. The path that lies far ahead is  full of snares. So, don't let your complacency make my struggles come to naught.

I know that I cannot admonish you on what life is, because I don't know exactly what it contains. Moreover, you have lived to experience it more than I. But if there is one thing I am certain about, it is that life is SIMPLE in a COMPLEX way.

We don't decide the finish line in LIFE'S RACE. Sooner or later you'll be gone just like me. Never make the mistake of  underestimating anyone you come across. As stupid as anyone can be, there is always one thing they are very good at... So, don't be stupid not to learn.

Be it religious or not, never lose consciousness of your duties to others, especially your family - you know better the kind of life I have lived. Be selective about the kinds of company you keep, because they eventually determine your sportsmanship in this race.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

PS If you get this message, it means I have done something to be proud of.

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  1. I can't find a superb literary word to describe how I feel about this write-up. Oh, can ‘fantastic’do?
    To every future selves, this is a very good incentive to do be great.
    Well done, writer.
    Don't rest on your oars. 🙌

  2. Thank you very much ARA Ay. I am glad you liked it.. Please feel free to share

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