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Nameless Traveler

This is the picture of a bird perched on a tombstone
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Nameless traveler,
Why are footsteps engraved upon the earth?
And why do they line the path to your abode?
Why does it seem like a retreat?
Or have they approached treading backwards?

Nameless traveler,
Why is your cry so mournful?
And why do theirs pierce the dark cloaks of somber nights?
The place where your laughter once sprouted
Cannot sustain a wilted cry among them anyway.

Nameless traveler,
Tell me! Tell me about the bloom,
About the spring, summer, winter and fall.
Tell me! Tell me about the rose,
About its petals and revolting prickles.

Nameless traveler,
Our paths were never destined to cross.
Else I would have advised that the rose be handled with care
Lest you become oblivious of the thorns
While being enchanted by the fragrance therefrom.

Nameless traveler,
Did the wind not whisper to thee
The beauty and might concealed in the skies?
And did the earth not tremble beneath you,
Reminding you whence you evolved?

Nameless traveler,
I know by now,more than anyone, you know
What your journey indeed was all about.
But of what use is a fountain pen
If it cannot convey the writer's thoughts?

Nameless traveler,
Now I shall leave you to your fate
As you begin yet another sojourn.
But forgive me... I am just a curious bird
Thinking loudly on your tombstone.

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