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Untold Tales: A Mad Man's Thoughts

untold tales: A mad man's thoughts

Until you perceive the world like I do, do not hate me for the choices I make.
Every night I gaze at the stars, trying to find the dark secrets buried in the night. I sell my heart to the moon, but all I get are the hums of crickets and the croaky jibes of lawless toads. I am sorry if I sound too serious, but until I find my answers I’ll reside in these ruins, and dedicate my being to nature.

Every day I explore the remains of this beautiful world. I take it upon myself to search for the wagons, and the horses we rode astride. I finally have a purpose in life; so, until I find my horses I will continue to trudge these streets. Even Christopher Columbus couldn’t have done more than this, but these ungrateful beings aren’t helping matters at all:

I saw a fine guy the other day who had put his hair into dreadlocks. His shirt was pure white, and his jeans was torn everywhere. I grinned at him, but he ran away- how absurd of a fellow model. I knew well that the dreadlocks sprouting from the top of my head was dirty and matted; and that I smelled like cow dung…well, something between decaying rat and beans. But my rags were perfectly fine. I think I deserved a compliment, at least, for modelling the crazy stuff better.

A little girl saw me once and screamed, but her mother cautioned that I was only out of my senses. But what was so wrong in chortling at kids, or throwing my waist to the melody of the wind? If only she knew how well I think, maybe she wouldn’t have called me a mad man.

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