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20 Random Facts About Me

Facts About me

Hey guys, ummm…mmm. I know this might hit you as a surprise; in fact, it has to, because I’m surprised as well. Lately, I have been checking out random blogs to learn new ways to up my game as a blogger, and the consequence of my curiosity, or more accurately, my snooping around, is a strange but strong likeness for LifeStyle blogs. And today, after reading Damies diary and NaijaSingleGirl, I knew instantly that LifeStyle blogging is my THIRD calling (The first and second being PHYSICS and LITERATURE). So, I’m going to start by telling you 20 random facts about ME. Yes! ME! Don’t make the funny face…It’s conventional—Olugbon did it that way, Aresa did it the same way, and I’m not really interested in defying custom. So, here we go…
1. I pick traits easily. If you see me doing anything repeatedly, there is a 90% chance that I picked it from someone I admire. And trust me, you cannot categorize these traits as good or bad. Strange could be the word, though.

2.  I fall in love as easy as I trust people. Maybe it’s just because I try to see the good in people before anything else, but my mom doesn’t care. She complains every time about it.

3. People lose value in my eyes as easy as they get it. I cut people some slack, but once they go beyond the limit, that’s all!

4. I have glossophobia (a really cool name for the fear of public speaking), but that’s mild compared to the acrophobia (The fear of height) infused in my DNA.

5. I really love being alone. An introvert to a certain annoying extent.

6. I tend to speak loud and fast when I’m tensed.

7. Sleeping is my favourite hobby.

8. I am very emotional. So, don’t be surprised if you find me staring at the TV and crying.

9. I love cats, but I freak out when they start staring.

10. I study people unconsciously. I don’t know how I do it, but if there’s something to know about a person, I detect it faster than anybody else. And I’m always right! Ok…Maybe 90% right in all cases.

11. I am very good at playing along. Beware!

12. I get bored of long conversations. But I pretend to enjoy it so as not to make the other person feel bad.

13. I take strolls when I feel an urgent need to daydream or think critically.

14. I cannot dance. No matter how hard I try, I always end up feeling like an idiot.

15. I am very relaxed and comfortable in poorly lit rooms. 

16. I am a shy person. It gets worse when I’m around a lady I like.

17. My sweat glands are very active when I am tensed. It’s like they feed on tension.

18. I feel awkward in shoes. Sandals and palm slippers are really comforting.

19. I work better with deadlines.

20. I am always concerned about my looks. I keep a comb and brush in my bag always. I would have included a mirror too, but I was afraid of what people might say.

So, that’s it. I hope I didn’t strike you as odd? If I have anything in common with you, I’d be glad to know. And please share at least one random fact about yourself in the comment box so that I don’t feel like a selfish guy. Thank you.


Thank you for reading. Please leave your comments.

  1. Lol. I guess we have no 16 in common.

  2. Shy around the girl u like my foot.

    Am speechless

  3. This is really awesome, the number 15,16 and 17 attributes is very interesting to say the least too. 2,3,5 and 8 sounds is basically me.

    1. Interesting? That's a big one. Thanks a lot.

  4. 16 though, I can relate.

    As for me, I procrastinate a lot, and the reason I've not stopped is because I end up getting the job done.

    1. Procrastination is a silent killer. But let's just hope you keep getting the job done gentle soul.

  5. Shy around girls my foot. Mtcheew

  6. Then I guess we both share 11.. You of all people should understand.. Also equivalent to 2 I guess we both fall in love easily buh contrary to yours am loyal to everyone even to those who don't like me as far as am loyal in the first place.... Keep it up bro.... Buh for 4 you should try And work on that because you never can tell who love what you do and want you give a speech in a big program... May Almighty Allah be pleased with you brother

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