An Open Letter To My Suicidal Friend

Letter to my suicidal friend

Dear Friend,

I know you probably think that this is some kind of sermon. But I assure you that I am not a preacher; neither am I willing to become one. I promise I won’t act like I understand your pain; the grief hanging heavily in your heart; the war raging inside you, because I honestly do not understand ̶ nobody does. But one thing I know for sure is that you are becoming suicidal, and, contrary to what everyone thinks, suicide is a very good option … and I will support you all the way. But before you gulp down that poison, or choke yourself to death, take a moment to read this to the end ̶ you have nothing to lose anyway.

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to remind you and stress the importance of doing whatever it is that is worth doing well. So, if suicide is still the option you’d rather go for, then you have to do it properly and do it to yourself alone. You don’t have to take me or another man with you. I believe you do not want to be tagged a murderer after your death. Moreover, your own burden is more than enough for you to carry.

I know that you are confused, my dear friend, but do not be; for confused is not a good thing at this final stage. In light of the befuddled statement I made earlier, I believe you have me and some other people in your life who’d be hurt (even beyond what you think) to find out that you are dead. Your death might mean our deaths, and I am not just talking about being lowered into the grave, for a person could also be dead while still alive. Come to think of it, if you are responsible for another man’s pain, then you are not too different from whatever/whoever it was that made you suicidal in the first place.

Or maybe you only want to punish us, your loved ones, by killing yourself. You want to punish us for failing you, for not being there for you, for not living up to your expectations… That’s so thoughtful of you, I’ll give you that. And if your punishment works out as planned, you’ll succeed in making us miserable, or maybe drag us along with you on this journey of no return, in which case, means more burden for you in heaven. But if it doesn’t work, then time will heal our wounds, and you’d be forgotten like the distant memory of a household name. Either ways, my thoughtful friend, it is your loss.

Life is so unfair my dear friend ̶ you know that, we all do. And there’s not a person who has not had/ is not having his own fair share of life’s unfair treatment. So, I wonder… I only wonder why you’d rather die a coward than fight for your own life. You do remember that history only sing the praises of brave men, don’t you?

Even if after all these, you still want to go ahead with suicide, you have my support. But I have unfinished business here on earth, and until I complete my task you’ll have to tread the lonely and wild path of death alone. And need I remind you once again my dear friend, that if you do that, it is your loss… and yours alone. 


Your concerned friend,
Akinyemi AbdulMalik O.


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  1. You are wonderful brother... 😍 😍

  2. May Almighty Allah reward you abundantly for this food you just fed me with

  3. Thanks for the words. More knowledge and wisdom. God bless

    1. Aameen. Thanks for reading and not attempting

  4. More knowledge, wisdom and understanding. You have said it all.

    1. Aameen. I just hope this plays its expected role in curbing suicide. Please feel free to share. Thank you

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