Are New Year Resolutions Worth it?

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While most people are making merry, wishing everyone they meet a happy new year, I am here sitting all alone in my room, wondering what really makes the year new. Is it the impending increment in the ages of everyone? Or the good and bad things the New Year is pregnant with? Or the sound of firecrackers? Maybe it is just the vibes that come naturally with January? I do not know. But if you do, please enlighten us in the comments section.

One thing I know, however, is that, yesterday, more than half of the entire world population made their New Year resolutions. And while this might be an ideal way to start a new year, we live in a not-perfect world where every new year resolution is bound to fail.

Before the end of today, more than half of the resolution folks will go against their resolutions. Before the end of the week, half of those left will follow. And before the end of the year, everyone is back to their default state – a state of another failed bunch of resolutions.

Let me tell you a secret, until this year, my new year resolutions never change, which begs the question: What have I been doing the previous years? By now, I know it shouldn't take a scholarly degree to answer that. So don’t blame me if I’d rather grab a seat and pass popcorn than scribble my recurring resolutions.

In truth, nobody sets out to go against their resolutions. But a lot of life situations happen that destroys everything. You want to stop watching porn and stop masturbating? An accidental encounter might ignite your desires again. You want to lose weight? But exercises could be tiring. And many more like that.  Even if you try so hard to uphold your resolutions, a clause will appear along the line that won’t make it 100%. 

For these reasons and more, I say that, instead of having to deal with failed resolutions, or modifying your resolutions to suit your imperfect nature, why not make it a daily affair and strive to be a better person today than you were yesterday?

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  1. Wow! I like the part where you gave us an alternative to new year resolutions. At least, if you'll take something from people, you should be ready to give them another.
    Making it a daily affair makes a lot of sense.

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