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Why Muslim Kids Should Not Attend Christian Schools

Muslim kids

Their voices rose, and the band bend sounds in complying rhythm. I saw hands flying in the air, heads struggling in space to be noticed by Jesus Christ, as the song “baba baba baba baba baba miloke…” compelled them to wiggle their buttocks.

It might be a matter of interest, great sadness, or a concerned mixture of both to know that more than half of these people are Muslims. Not just Muslims, but Muslim children and teens in their early teenage years. It might sadden you more to know that these Muslim kids were forced to participate in this act of shirk, and at the same time tricked into enjoying every bit of it.

There was a time when Yusuf was forced to change his name to Joseph, and Maryam to Mary because they wanted to be “educated”. Today, this is not the case; however, these Christian missionaries are still at large. And because they are more experienced, more active and more cunning than their predecessors, they have devised a new means of showing the young Muslims the world in the light of their own religion. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have pulled this off without our help. YES! Our help, which we ignorantly and eagerly render to sully the pure nature of Islam.

For some reasons I would not start with, Muslim parents ignorantly enroll their children in Christian schools. They think they are being wise or religiously cautious by registering their kids in Ace College instead of Redeemers International School. But they fail to realize that Satan and Lucifer are the same- only spellings differ.

These schools, knowing how valuable their catch is, welcome Habeeb and Habeebah with open arms, and, once again, their Muslim parents are reassured that religion has nothing to do with their children’s education. Hence, they would gladly ignore the fact that their kids would be required to assemble with the Christian kids every morning to sing praises to a false God. They would turn blind eyes to their female children going to school with uncovered hair. What is more, they would sit and watch their kids getting bred in the ways of Christ and tell themselves: “it’s just for a few hours; a good madrasah will counter the effect.” Alas, their kids will come home one day and playfully and innocently cover everything they see (including their parents) with the blood of Jesus.

When these teachings of Christ intensifies and its roots go deeper in the hearts of these young Muslims, and they are yanked in every way from the reach of sound Islamic teachings, then Islam is adversely affected. It either becomes banished from their hearts, or viewed in the light of the Christian faith. Consequently, these kids become more indifferent in respecting the rights of Allah than the idolaters themselves.

While parents are being criticized, it would be unfair not to extend a fair share of criticism to other Muslims and the religious organizations they belong to. The problem in this regard is simply the malposition of priorities. Individual Muslims and Islamic organizations embark on different projects to promote Islam- a good and highly rewarding act if you ask any Muslim. But there seem to be an unfair and needless concentration on some projects. For example, the building of Mosques.
Before the statement above is being misjudged, I am not in any way undermining the importance of mosques in our society. And as a matter of fact I want to be recognized by Allah too for building a house for HIM. But in a situation where there are more pressing needs like building MORE Islamic schools, projects like mosques could wait or be done without neglecting other important ones. I have seen two mosques separated by just a house, and I do not think it takes a scholarly degree to realize that one of the mosques is needless. Come to think of it, what if the Muslim parents enrolled their children in Christian schools because there are no Muslim schools around, and they cannot risk not getting their kids educated? Who will eventually pray in the mosques if the young Muslims grow to be Christians or semi-Muslims?

The focus on mosques might strike you as odd, but that is the most popular structural project Muslims embark on- or maybe it is the only one I know and/or can think of. However my point goes way beyond that.

On a final note, if a Muslim is to educate Christians in his school, he would give room for them to practice their faith- separate assemblies, Christian religious studies, etc. This is because he is considerate and understands that there is no compulsion in our religion. Christians, on the other hand, have little or no respect for our Islam and are always ready to undermine our sacred practices. They are forever prepared to strip any Muslim of his faith and wash away his sins with the blood of Jesus. As Muslims, do we then watch with folded arms while our youths are becoming inmates of Jahannam (HELL)?

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  1. I know of a school owned by a muslim and allows christain songs mondays to thursdays while friday is for both muslims n christains(muslims assembly n christain assembly).

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