The Lost Tycoon by Melody Anne (Book Review and PDF)

The lost tycoon


"I swear I didn’t see anything.”

Just these words from Misty Elton and I knew I was in for it.


She had found Jesse's cocaine stash instead of the sweatshirt she was looking for in the trunk in his room. And, unfortunately, he had caught her; an unrepentant abuser ready to punish her for snooping around. But the punishment wasn't the typical punishment - she could tell from the cold fury of his gaze.

With no doubt how it was going to end for her, she decided she'd had enough of his tortures and abuses. She was going to save herself, even if it meant getting killed in the process. She had secretly planned an escape for a couple of days later, but she wouldn't allow him the pleasure of abusing her one more time, so she made a run for it.

She succeeded.

After a year of hiding in Seattle, Bryson Winchester found her; an FBI agent who is hell bent on bringing Jesse to justice. He needed her to testify against him in court, to help put him behind bars forever. But is she willing to go through with this after all what had happened to her? Little did she know that her entire world is about to be turned upside down.

The storyline was almost flawless. Melody Anne's vivid language instantly transported me into the world. And, despite that I wasn't a fan of romance, I couldn't stop turning the pages.

I particularly loved how the dialogues played out. For the most part, they were indirect, and could only have been pulled off by a master storyteller. I was wowed when I read through the bar and grill scene which featured Alyssa and Brad Paisley.

Thanks, gorgeous.” The star took the bag and then stood. “Hope to see you boys again soon. You keep promising to come out in the summer.” 
“Hey, the invite goes both ways, Brad.” Bryson said. 

“Aw, hell, Bryson, your daddy just wants me down here so his ornery horse can buck me off again.” 

“Coward,” Camden said with a laugh. 

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll talk to you soon.”
However, the story may be lacking in the representation and the sustainability of certain characters. For one, Bryson was ALMOST introduced as a pervert, and throughout the story, the bulk of his thoughts were focused on getting under Misty's skirt.

All attempts to merge this obsession with true love didn't seem real to me. At a point, I felt his kind gestures were pushed by his lust, and, despite that he was a major character, I didn't particularly care for him. His Misty-obsessed schtik got irritating after a while, and I strongly believe he should have been modelled after Camden, who happened to be my favourite male character.

Speaking of Camden, he seemed like an integral part in the build-up of the story. But he was made to disappear suddenly in the middle, never to be heard of again. And, considering the story's point of view, I was expecting a vivid tour of Jesse's personal life. A lot of questions popped up about him as I delve deeper into the story (for instances, how was he able to pull off his drug deals? How did he try to save himself when he noticed the FBI was after him? How did he get to know about the safe house? And so on), but none of them were answered. He deserved more as the antagonist.

But then, all these can easily be overlooked, given that the story was a page-turner. And, trust me, I can't wait to read the remaining books in the Baby For The Billionaire Series. Melody Anne has indeed proved herself worthy, and I recommend this book to all fans of romance.

I rate it 3.5 out of 5.

The Lost Tycoon by Melody Anne is the second to the last installment for her Baby for the Billionaire Series.
Genre: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary romance
Series:  Book 5 of 6 in Baby for the Billionaire
Preceded by: The Tycoon's Secret
Followed by: Rescue Me
 Print Length: 200 pages.
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1495252671
Publisher: Eternal Dreams
First edition (February 24, 2014)
Publication Date: February 24, 2014
Language: English



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