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A Letter to my Student

Dear student,

No one lights a lamp in order to see it snuffed out: the purpose of light is to banish darkness, to give life to more light, to illuminate existence itself.

Dreams and expectations are puppets moved by the tiny strings of hope. Reality is the puppeteer, a crazy master well versed in the art of success and failure. You are the one who pays the puppeteer: although crazy, he finds time to do your biddings.

But you have not been generous, my dear friend. It is true that no one wants to sacrifice the most important thing that they possess: time. But sometimes you have to give the mad man your crown so that you may tap into the sanity buried deep inside his matted hair.

I am very tired, my dear student. And on days like this when my essence goes soft like twilight, I find it difficult to reawaken my dying spirit. Maybe that is why I'm writing this in a strange dialect. I don't know.

But I know that you understand me fully well. If you don't, then what have you learnt from me in all the times that we have been together?

Even now that I feel a quiet angst in my heart, I'm still able to conjure beautiful memories of us. I watch, as if a spectator of my own life, as my heart struggles vainly not to allow itself to be seduced by your smiles, your tantrums. I give up now that reason has lost the battle, and all I could do is surrender and accept that we have both failed. 

My dear student, I have had moments of deep introspection. And I write this with the certainty of my actions and your inactions; however, it would be futile to cry over what's been spilled. If there is any possible consolation in the tragedy of losing something we desperately want, it is the necessary hope that perhaps it was for the best. I desperately hope that this would reignite your passion, which has long since become dormant.

I know by now you know what my story is all about, so there is really no use for too much talk. Just remember that you are the lamp; I am the light. I can only open the door; it is you who must walk through it. 

Your concerned teacher,

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