2 Sure Ways to Know if a Girl Really Likes You

How to know if a girl likes you

While it may seem easy to tell if a girl likes you, their actions are no clear indications that they are really into you.

To have a clear chance of knowing if a girl likes you, you need to understand the psychology of women. According to experts and different surveys of women, there are two (2) MAIN things to look out for. They are:

  1. Her body language
  2. The moves she make

More details about these signs are discussed below. 

But before you start taking cues as to whether she likes you or not, you have to know her sexuality to avoid confusion and embarrassment.

  • Pay Attention to Her Body Language

Infatuation body language

To know if a girl really likes you, you need to understand her body language cues. Don't be like the dude in the gif above. Some of the things to look out for are:

1. Open Body Language

Usually, a girl that likes you will turn to face you when speaking with you. She stands closer to you and have more relaxed body language. However, this shouldn't be taken as a foolproof signal to ascertain her feelings towards you. Personality, cultural and religious upbringing (among others) might be the reason for her not being open.

2. Is she Staring or Making Eye Contact? 

If a girl is into you, you will probably catch her staring at you when she thinks you aren't looking. 

If she holds her gaze for a few seconds, that's a good sign. If she looks the other way quickly the moment your eyes make contact with hers, it may mean that she likes you but is shy about it.

He caught her staring

3. Is She Imitating You?

If a girl imitates you, there is a very good chance that she finds you attractive. It may be your mannerism that she copies, or your slang, or it may just be that she performs an action a few seconds after you did the same. And while this happens subconsciously for the most part, some girls do it intentionally to impress you.

4. Is she Nervous Around You?

Acts like touching her lips, messing with her hair, avoiding eye contact and so on are indications that she might be crushing on you. However, you need to be able to tell whether she is actually nervous or just doesn't want to be around you.

5. She smiles lightly when you make eye contact (like Elena in the gif just above)

6. She smiles at your jokes, funny or not.

Cartoon girl smiling at a joke

7. She finds reason(s) to touch you.

8. She gets flustered when you say hi to her when she's talking to another guy.

These are some of the body language hints you should expect to see in her if truly she's into you. Next, we'll discuss the hidden moves she makes that will probably expose her feelings towards you.

  • Pick up on Her Subtle Moves

If a girl finds you charming, there is a 99 percent chance that she is going to make her moves. She may come out directly to tell you that she likes you, or just gives you hints like:

1. She compliments you: When a girl compliments you, it may be her way of making you feel wanted or crushed on. They would either say nice things about you or say nice things about something else and attribute it to you.

For example, she might say: "I like the way you don your jacket." And not a mere: "I like this jacket."

Or she might say: "You have a cute smile." 

You should know that she might not use these words exactly, but, at least, you get the gist.

2. She wants to impress you: Impressing you could mean:

  • Changing her style of clothing.
  • Displaying her best behaviour around you.
  • Being self conscious, and so on.
You just have to pay attention to the details.

3. She gives you a hint that she is single and tries to know your relationship status: She could pop the relationship question directly or opt for a subtle approach like:

  • Making unnecessary references to your girlfriend. For example, she could say: "I'd better leave before your girlfriend sees me speaking with you." Or "I bet you watched that series with your girlfriend."
  • Talking about her preferences in a man. For example, she might be like: "When I'm ready to have a boyfriend, I'd prefer a tall guy." And coincidentally, you're a tall guy. Isn't God Great?

4. She doesn't want to end the conversation, even if it starts to get awkward.

5. She tries to get your attention: This could be in form of:

  • Asking for help unnecessarily, like asking you to explain a particular topic to her when her best friend happens to be the genius. 
  • Appearing in places you frequent.

  • Speaking or giggling loud enough for you to notice her.
  • Pretending to be a damsel in distress to get you to care for her. For example, she might tell you she's cold just so you could offer up your jacket.

6. She treats you differently than others

7. She allows you into her "personal space": When a girl starts getting personal with you, or starts breaking certain barriers she's built around herself because of you, or allows you into spaces she usually doesn't allow just anyone into, then there's a good chance she might like you.

What to do When You Like a Girl

When you notice some of the signs above in a girl and you happen to like her back, here are a few things you need to do.

1. Give her a genuine smile: This could ease up her tension and give her a cue that you're interested in her. It works well when you make eye contact with her or catch her staring at you.

2. Start a conversation with her: This allows you to pick up on the cues that come with speaking with her and gives her a little confidence to express her feelings (directly or indirectly).

3. Pay attention to details: Be sure to remember some of the things she tells you, compliment her on what you notice differently about her (in case she's trying to impress you)...

4. Show her that you are worth her time and emotion: Be manly, be responsible, be sweet.

5. Give her a few hints that you like her: You could be the first to do this or wait until you get the feeling that she's into you, too.

6. Ask her out.


Don't be confused. Women aren't as complex as we think. Read the signs, make your move, and take a step towards forever after.

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