I read and review books on this blog for free. If you are an author or publisher and would like me to read and review your book, kindly contact me using this form. I will respond to your mail within 1-3 working days and confirm if I will be able to read and review your book.

Please note that I receive quite a number of books therefore, you will be joining the queue. However, I will try to read and review books sent to me within 30 days of receipt.

Note: I currently accept paperbacks and e-books (preferably in PDF format). Priority is, however, given to books in paperback. Who knows? You may even get a free service.

Also, I accept and review ARCs (Advanced Review Copies). Don't worry, your book is safe and will never be reshared illegally on the internet.

These are the fiction genres that are preferred and read:

  • New Adult
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary
  • Paranormal
  • Supernatural
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Crime

These are the nonfiction genres that are preferred and read:

  • Memoirs
  • Autobiography
  • Biography
  • Life Lessons

If read, I shall share my review of the book on my blog and Goodreads. I’m not obligated to share my review of your book on my Instagram, especially if it is an eBook.


I offer beta reading services to authors and publishers for a fee. Kindly contact me via the contact form and I will respond to you with my rates.

Don't know about beta reading?

A beta reader is a person who reads and provides feedback on your manuscript before publishing. 

The feedback is usually in the opinions of an average reader and is used by the writer to fix issues that are left with plot, pacing, consistency and so on.


After checking your manuscript for typos, grammatical errors and structural integrity. After self-editing every single flaw to your taste, and you finally feel that your manuscript is ready to be published; is it really necessary to hand over your perfect work to someone who’s only going to rip it apart?

Here’s the thing: While your work may be perfect technically, it may not offer a compelling story (which is bad, if you ask me). Your manuscript may suffer from common ailments that draw energy from plot-holes, or inconsistent point of view (POV), or badly-formed characters, or what have you.

I can help you see your story from another set of eyeballs. 

I can help you properly root out problems and identify what isn’t working, to help make your work better.

Let’s face it: You don’t have the necessary emotional distance to read your own work objectively. For the same reason that you need an editor, you also need me to give you unbiased feedback on your manuscript.


There are several packages available for book publicity, depending on your budget. Kindly contact me via the contact form and I will respond to you accordingly. 

Note: Adverts & Promtions are only for Literary Related Products and Services. Please note that the images required are to be provided by the customer as well as all the required links. 

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